Before you can change your life, you must first change your mindset.


Ladies, I believe in the freedom of choice.

You can have this AND that without having to choose this OR that.

I truly believe that it is important to be beautiful from inside out. 

That is why I loudly speak about the health and wellness and beauty industries. 

The Fit And Fly Life

I train women to be physically, mentally and fiscally fit so that you can be fly and fly to your highest potential!

In 2010, I became very ill as a result of stress. I developed Shingles, my system shut down and I had to have 3  colonoscopys within a 30 day span. I also went from a size 14 to a size 0. During this experience, I learned the true meaning and importance of health and wellness. 

TLC is a results-driven company with a knowledgeable leadership team that provides extensive product research and continuous business support. Our dedication and commitment to continual CHANGE is second to none.

To become better, to become modified, to become transformed… 
we must CHANGE.

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